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SHUBHAM FARMS (A farm house scheme)
(Ek Sapno ka Ghar banaye Pahad Aur Jungle mae)

  • Size - Admeasuring 5000Sqf to 20,000Sqft

  • Payment - On Monthly Installment of Rs 10,000 */-


Free Amenities (Proposed)

Party Lawn,Heath Club,Naturopathy hospital

Our Services

WBM road, Water line, Electricity is available and Security staff services are there.

Mango Orchard

Shubham Farms also has a big Mango orchard. This holds around 70 full grown big mango trees, this bear the fruits of different flavor and tastes. The services of Horticultural experts are being obtained for flower saplings and related fruit trees.

Welcome to Shubham Farms

Shubham Farm is positioned on a spectacular location for enjoying panoramic views over an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Situated only 47 Kms from the geographical centre of India which is "Zero Miles in Nagpur" You have to move 2km from Jungle and remain stay between Hill & Forest. It is non poluted and pin drop silence area. There is Hill on the west side of scheme and Forest on the North East Portion. The farm has the benefits of being on the doorstep of quite renowned tourist places such as Khindsi, Ramtek, Pench wild Life Sanctuary, Pench Dam, Totladoh and Karmajhari etc, Whilst surrounded by beautiful open countryside and an abundance of wildlife.

How to Reach

Shubham Farms is located on Jabalpur Road NH07 near Mansar village, 47km from Nagpur. It is just 7km away from Mansar Chouk on Mahuli Road near Shiv Gauri Mandir.

What Client Says

For site visit please Project Coordinator

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